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NOble Knight Media

A Disruptive Production Company

Making Movie Magic In a Modern Way

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Story First

Strong stories with noble heroes, compelling characters, villains you love to hate and satisfying endings.

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New Approach

From the oldest tried and true methods to the most cutting edge, we're changing the process and aiming to continually improve.

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Talent Driven

Recruit the best, train the best, and expect the best from them.

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Fan Focused

We aim to give the audience what they want. We are not going to tell them what they should want.

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Who We Are?

A New Production Company, Daring to be Different

We make genre films, shows and podcasts. We are also doing so in our own unique way.

It is our goal with every production to make the most high quality, story driven, entertaining media we can, all while being innovative and resourceful with how they are made. This includes rethinking the entire process with how film and shows are made.

Noble Knight Media was founded by writer and director J. Derek Howard originally as a company solely to produce his films and shows. However, as things evolved, a new, ambitious vision for the company began to solidify.

Observing many troubling trends in the industry, the decision was made to rethink the entire process with how films are made. As well as getting “back to basics” with the fundamentals of good filmmaking, such as keeping story at the forefront, insisting on reasonable hours for the crew, and not losing focus on giving the fans a great experience.

No Remakes. No Reboots. Original Films.

What Makes Us Different

It would be easy to simply start another traditional production company, but we knew that wasn’t enough. We want to get back to the basics of quality storytelling while rethinking the way films are made from the ground up.

01.Quality Stories

Every film or show must reach a strict level of quality in the storytelling that will bring the most entertainment and enjoyment from the audience.

02.Big Films, Lower Budgets

Big budgets too often results in throwing money at problems instead of innovating. We challenge ourselves to make the same level films at lower budgets.

03.Modern Filmmaking

The traditional methods for filmmaking are rooted in the film era and haven’t been updated. We’ve created a new system of filmmaking for the digital era.

04.Effective Workforce

All our workers should be well rested and have the opportunity for a healthy work- life balance. No 16+ hour days. A rested worker can work as well in less time.

05.Using "What Works"

From the oldest “smoke and mirror” tricks to the most cutting edge, we’ll save what works, lose what doesn’t and innovate on what we keep.

06.Engaged with Audience

As fans ourselves, we want to make what the audience will enjoy and connect with them regularly to show how much we appreciate them.

We Build Worlds

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Science Fiction

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While not limited to these genres, these are our areas of focus currently.

Our aim is to make fantastic and wondrous places come alive on screen; to be so immersive, that it feels to the audience that these are real places we just happened to film in. This level of creativity and immersion is an exciting challenge we work hard to achieve. All the while, we’re trying to do so as resourcefully and economically mindful as possible.

In short: create biggest stories, without the biggest budgets.

High Quality On Lower Budgets

Films - Shows - Podcasts

Noble Knight Media is committed to creating the best media we can. To date, we have produced a variety of works, with many more to come in the future. Our previous works can be found on our YouTube channel with other projects currently in development. 

Screenshot from the film Tea Time
Screenshot from the podcast Connie Cosmos
Screenshot from the film The Failing Light
Screenshot from the film Tea Time
Screenshot from the film The Failing Light
Screenshot from the podcast Connie Cosmos