About us

Who we are

We love great stories. Ones that are fun and insightful. The kind that aren’t driven by large corporations or committees. Stories told by passionate creatives that really resonate with people.We aim to tell stories like that.

Currently we may be just a small, entirely independent entertainment company, but we are mighty. We have people that truly care and put a strong focus on good storytelling and high quality productions! With help from wonderful people like you, we can keep making more projects and raise the bar each time.

Our latest project is Connie Cosmos, a new sci-fi fiction podcast inspired by old serial adventures. Check it out and, if you like it and what we do, please consider supporting us!

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The cast and crew photo for Connie Cosmos
The Connie Cosmos cast during the first read through


Story first, everything else follows. That is the foundation of how we operate. Also, believe that high production value does not always mean high cost. We believe in learning from and resurrecting brilliant but forgotten techniques from the early days of film to create high quality work.


Our ultimate goal is to become synonymous with high quality storytelling and production value in whatever medium we use. Regardless of what changes in our future we never want this to change. ​We want to create work that can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the industry and hopefully even raise the bar ourselves.

Genre Preference

We LOVE genre stories. Everything from sci-fi and fantasy to film noir and steampunk, plus everything in between! We’re big fans of all these genres ourselves and we love to play as many different universes as we can!